Second Chance - Preloved Designer Bags |

Take a closer look at how Amanda Rigby takes simplicity to the next level.

To celebrate Hari Raya Kartini, we chatted with three of our inspiring friends from three different fields. Each one of them has a unique style and stories that define them as strong modern women. Meet Deviana, Dinar, and Michelle.

We welcome the month of luck and love with the lovely Keshia Nathania a.k.a @bananalace ! Rocking her iconic curly hair and winged eyeliner, there’s no doubt that she is always a show-stopper. Keshia graces our page this month with her bag picks for the most effortless yet stylish bags to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Have you ever walked past by someone and think to yourself "I want her bag."? Yup, us too. Lucky you, this month we had a chat with one of that person with an envious range of bag collection, Lisa Caroline. When she walks into the room, you can feel her immediate presence of elegance and poise. From Hermès to Kate Middleton, Lisa knows how to keep her glam on.

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