Have you ever walked past by someone and think to yourself "I want her bag."? Yup, us too. Lucky you, this month we had a chat with one of that person with an envious range of bag collection, Lisa Caroline. When she walks into the room, you can feel her immediate presence of elegance and poise. From Hermès to Kate Middleton, Lisa knows how to keep her glam on.

Caroline Robianto, or some might know her as Kero, is the epitome of modern-day girl boss. Caroline holds possibly the most slashies in Jakarta, she is a fashion designer, digital influencer, and owns a floristry business (oh, and she still manages to exercise in between!). One of the questions she gets asked the most is, of course, how does she manage to juggle all of these in 24 hours? Our question is, what’s her secret to staying in style in the midst of her hustle and bustle.

Graceful, nurturing, and stylish. Miranda Janesha is the epitome of #MomGoals that all of us aspire to be. Let’s peek into her colorful life as a mother and more!

We caught up with our long-time friend Ana Octarina in Sydney this month. From day to night, Ana took us to her favorite spots around town and why she made the big move to down under.

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