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5 ways to tell if a designer bag is fake

If you often feel terrified of being scammed by the “super fakes” or “triple-A fakes” handbags that almost indistinguishable from the authentic one, you’re not alone. We’ve listened to many of our customer’s stories and pains of getting deceived by the “super fakes” handbags.

Thus, as we put your concern as our top priority, we are here to reveal our 5 most compelling tips to make a successful second-hand purchase :
  1. Examine the material
    When comparing, usually you can promptly identify the differences by just looking at the quality of the material; it could be more or less coarse, thicker, thinner or smoother. But if you don’t have anything to compare with, don't be embarrassed to sniff the leather! The replica ones normally have a very strong smell and stiffer texture.
  2. Stitching and lines
    Go for the details and watch over the stitching and lines. The lines on the authentic one should lie flat against the material without any bulge, and there should not be any stitching that is out of place or twisted seams. Additionally, beware of the back-and-forth stitching, and the proper color and pattern of it. Therefore, it is necessary for you to initially go to the official website and check all the details of the bags (The stitching’s color & pattern, and the seams as well).
  3. Bag shape
    Firstly, notice that this point was applicable to only several particular bags. The genuine one would be sturdier, and the structure stronger while the replicas would be constructed poorly and have a more rounded corner as if the authentic one is more square. Moreover, the bag should stand firmly and won't slouch. If the bag could not stand right and fold, you might be exposed to the potential counterfeit. But again, it depends, if your favorite bags are Bottega, the tips defined above could not be applied.
  4. The Hardware
    The authentic one usually feels heavy and the color of it will never be tarnished. Let’s take an example. If your favorite handbags are Hermés, the hardware of Hermes is always a genuine precious metal, it is either palladium or plated gold. Therefore, please go check the lock, keys and other pieces of hardware, if you feel these materials are lighter or even made from plastic, this is the sign of a red flag for you.
  5. Serial Number
    Primarily, you need to check what type of serial number do your dream bags have. For instance, it is well acknowledged that the serial number of Louis Vuitton would always come swith 6 characters; the first 2 characters are letters that will tell you where the country it is produced, whilst the rest 4 characters are numbers that will inform you the month and year it was manufactured. Thus, If you know the ‘exclusive character’ of each brand, it won’t be hard to distinguish the replicas from the authentic one.

Keeping in mind, that those 5 tips must go hand-in-hand and for further tips don’t hesitate to ask for more pictures or even video to the seller, then compare it to the google images photo. If the seller did not serve you well and ignore your questions, you should immediately raisse an alert in your head! Therefore, find the trusted store that guarantees authenticity and keep their promises. Hence, as Second Chance has been running for over 2 decades, we are here not to only to listen and meet your needs but also cast away your fear of being scammed. Be a smart shopper ladies!

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