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A Hermès Minute with Lisa Caroline

Have you ever walked past by someone and think to yourself "I want her bag."? Yup, us too. Lucky you, this month we had a chat with one of that person with an envious range of bag collection, Lisa Caroline. When she walks into the room, you can feel her immediate presence of elegance and poise. From Hermès to Kate Middleton, Lisa knows how to keep her glam on.


SCB: handbags / clutches?
LC: Clutches. I don’t typically carry more than the essentials with me so I like to keep things simple!

SCB: How many times do you change your bags in a week?
LC: 3 or 4 times depending on the occasions or events and the mood. I swap bags a lot because I like to freshen up my style every time I go out.

SCB: Okay tell us, which bag is your favorite from your wardrobe?
LC: Currently, I can’t get enough of my Hermès babies!

SCB: Choose one: style or function?
LC: I always choose style over anything else. This pretty much describes my preference of small clutches over bulky handbags.

SCB: Describe your style in 3 words?
LC: Fashion-forward, stylish, and full of glamour!

SCB: Who is your fashion icon and why?
LC: Kate Middleton. I think she is the epitome of class and glam whilst still looking pleasantly simple and modern. Her style is never too over the top, but just right for the Duchess of Cambridge.

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