ANAZ SIANTAR | Second Chance - Preloved Designer Bags

To celebrate both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, Anaz Siantar plays the ultimate love game with us. Could a bag actually be a good luck charm and make you fall head over heels at the same time? Let’s bring Anaz up to the test.


How important are the colours pink and red for Valentine’s day?
Very! I would at least incorporate them into my accessories. Mini bags are so in right now and a little pop of colour will take them up a notch.

How is Valentine’s day different as a married couple?
To us, having yet a baby makes our celebration still the same as the those we had when we were still dating.

What’s your favourite Chinese New Year tradition?
Gambling! *laughs*

How do you wear red on Chinese New Year?
I will bring red pockets with me. Red pockets are a must!

What’s your favourite festive snacks?
A Shu Mai!

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