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Miranda Janesha's Colorful World

Graceful, nurturing, and stylish. Miranda Janesha is the epitome of #MomGoals that all of us aspire to be. Let’s peek into her colorful life as a mother and more!


SCB: What color speaks to you the most and why?
MJ: I've been the girly girl since I was little. My favorite has always been pink but overall, I like all things colorful. This includes my choice of wardrobe, bags, and shoes!

SCB: What's the best part of a being a mother?
MJ: Everything! From pregnancy, delivery and taking care of newborn babies, to the point now that I have toddlers who won't sit still! I enjoy every stage of it. As you might know, I am a doctor but I chose a life of a full time mother and giving up medical practice altogether. My 3 kids are my priorities and I don’t want to miss the precious time we spend together. You can't relive the moments you missed.

SCB: What's your favorite part of your day?
MJ: At the end of the day when I’m putting the kids to bed. We talk, share stories, and pray before they go to sleep.

SCB: Your favorite summer vacay destination?
MJ: Antalya, a city for a summer escapade in Turkey. I love the city so much that I put its name as my daughter's middle name. For a local hotspot, Bali never gets old!

SCB: Describe your personal style:
MJ: I love everything colorful and try to always match my bags with my shoes effortlessly. Specifically for bags, the brighter the color the better!

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