OLIVIA LAZUARDY | Second Chance - Preloved Designer Bags

When we thought about dates and what to really wear, we wanted to show you this super chic couple. And who better than Olivia Lazuardy, the fashion influencer darling, and her man Kalvin! Bold, statement bags from Dior, Hermès, to Louis Vuitton are our picks for this romance-inspired shoot. “f you wanna go with something different and interesting, you can pair your red outfit with other colours such as electric blue,” said Olivia on her tips on a date outfit. Olivia confessed to us she doesn’t wear pink that much, so she would rather go for something bold rather than sweet for a first date. We say, why not!


Photography // Sally & Emily @sally_emily

Styling // Yoland Handoko @yoland_handoko

Hair & Make-up // Aldis Setiadi @aldissetiadi

Models // Olivia Lazuardy and Kalvin @olivialazuardy

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