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Triple Threat: Elxi Elvina

Fashion Designer, Traveller, or Influencer: Why choose one when you can have three? Surely won’t be a problem for Elxi Elvina.


You might recognize Elxi through her playful contemporary style in the Jakarta fashion scene. Oh and not to mention, hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Hailing from Bandung, we met this multi-talented fashion design graduate three years ago. She radiates that girl-next-door vibe. A familiar feeling that makes you feel you can just talk with her for hours; from astrology to life values, there’s really no limit. At just her early 20s, this workaholic has already made big names for her career. With creative collaborations and a new shoe brand on her list, you can instantly tell this Capricorn lady is just getting started.

So what’s new, Elxi?
I’m really excited about my new shoe brand @bychapelet that has just launched its pop up shop at Plaza Indonesia. Having to be at several places and seeing faces all day long requires me to bring a bag that will take me seamlessly from meetings to hangouts. This medium-sized Céline is the way to go.

What’s currently on your top Spotify playlist?
I love Brit-rock! Currently, it’s Arctic Monkey's new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. I read somewhere that Alex Turner is currently exploring new sounds in this new album. So it sounds more experimental to me, but I’m definitely getting used to their new take.

Okay, we can’t help to stalk your Instagram account (as always). Tell us more about your recent holiday trip!
Haha yes, I went to Europe with my friends. My good friend had planned to propose to his girlfriend, so we were all there for support. It was like a surprise party that was out of this world.

That’s so romantic! Which was your favorite destination?
I’ll have to say Sicily. It’s a seaside town but we went there during winter. So it gave off a refreshing vibe that’s not clichéd. Just like this Constance. It has a rare print on it that makes it stand out. Really reminded me of the Sicilian winter.

Do you believe in Astrology?
OMG YES! I’m a Capricorn *shows off Capricorn phone case* ! I know it’s such a polarized topic, but at the very least it really is a way to break the ice with people you just met. It’s a fun and light topic that keeps the conversation going. Kind of like this yellow Chanel WOC. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but we can all agree this is one cute arm candy, right?

What is the one thing you could not live without?
Family. I’m a very family person. I always try to make travels back home to Bandung once every two weeks. We have such a close knitted background. There was this one time when we canceled our trip because one of us could not make it. We’re just that close.

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